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Special note: Latest and Occupational Medicine Good evening to all,

Following discussions with the State Services, we have received the assertion that our situation and our actions have been heard.
Doors have opened at the Ministerial and Diplomatic level.
In addition, we also know that the General Attorney Office has been sought on our behalf.

This is only general information at this time, and we will tell you more as soon as we have the details of these initiatives, which are very encouraging to say the least.

Appointments can be made by e-mail at the following address :

Following a return from occupational medicine, we are pleased to inform you of the possibility of benefiting from face-to-face or remote appointments with the occupational psychologist


You also have the possibility to make an appointment directly with the occupational Doctor at

the following address :

The social workers can also receive you in person or remotely, with appointments made at the

following address :

For employees who are currently experiencing difficulties with the production of their salary certificates by the company and for the attention of the CPAM, the social workers have given us the following answer:

« When the employer does not produce the salary certificate, the CPAM sometimes agrees to

examine the opening of the rights to the IJSS with the production of the last three pay slips

and a certificate on honour indicating the last day of work actually carried out. »

Have a good weekend,

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